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Digital Smile Design - Infinity Smiles

The Digital Smile Design is a multi-use tool that can assist the restorative team throughout treatment, improving the dental team’s understanding of the esthetic issues and increasing patient acceptance of the final result. 

Successful restorative treatment involves controlling the four dimensions of treatment: esthetics, function, structure, and biology. In relation to esthetics, there are four main issues that must be controlled to improve predictability and meet patient expectations: the horizontal reference plane, facial midline, smile design (tooth shape and arrangement), and color. 

The DSD protocol offers advantages in the following areas:

Esthetic diagnosis: A digital photography and digital analysis protocol enables the dentist to visualize and analyze issues that he or she may not notice clinically

Feedback: The dental technician gains feedback related to tooth shape, arrangement, and color to facilitate any necessary refinements.

Patient management: The DSD can be used as an educational tool to help explain issues related to treatment, and an evaluative tool by comparing before and after photographs. DSD aids in patient acceptance by helping them visualize and understand both past and future treatments.

Creating perfect smile

Major changes to the smile can often be completed in only 2 visits using porcelain veneers, crowns or bridgework.
Results are totally predictable.

Digital Smile Design - Infinity Smiles

1. Assessment and information gathering

Firstly, you will visit the practice for a consultation. Here we will get to know you really well! We will take photographs, impressions and x-rays of your mouth and teeth. We will also take some video footage of your mouth when you talk, smile and laugh to get a detailed recording of the movement and symmetry in your face. There will be a number of questions that we ask which will allow us to understand your concerns and wishes when it comes to your teeth and smile.

2. Analysis and treatment planning

We assess all your data and design a smile based on everything that you told us. All cases are reviewed by a team of dental specialists ensure the clinical quality. This means your case will not only result in your desired esthetic outcomes but will do so from within a healthy functioning mouth. With this information, we can create a mock-up of your new smile with the various treatment options.

DSD 3D Model - Infinity Smiles
Digital Smile Design - Infinity Smiles

3. Smile preview

You are then invited back to the clinic to test-drive your new smile. This means that you can see what your smile will look like and you’ll know what to expect at the end of treatment. All the treatment options will be explained to you in detail, along with the costs and the expected timeframes for each. We will also fit a temporary impression on your teeth that will show you how your teeth will look at the end of treatment. You will then be able to decide on any final alterations, for example tooth color, and tooth shape etc. before we get started with treatment.

4. Patient Approval

Once you’re happy with your smile design and have agreed to the specific treatment, the treatment can begin. For some patients this might be having dental braces fitted or implant surgery, so treatment times will vary from person to person.

Digital Smile Design - Infinity Smiles


  1. X-rays will be taken for a proper treatment planning.
  2. Taking photos of the patient (extra-oral and intra-oral photos)
  3. Taking close-up and functional videos of the patient
  4. Taking impressions of the jaws for calibration
  5. The photos will be analyzed digitally
  6. Proportions will be chosen
  7. The design will be done according to the face shape and character of the patient
  8. After the design is done, the lab technician will do a wax-up following the design
  9. The patient will be called for a mock-up (smile preview).


What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) technology streamlines the process of dental record taking and analysis. With the use of tools such as photography, dynamic video and sophisticated computer software, DSD enables us to digitally plan and confirm your smile makeover prior to any actual invasive dental treatment.

Will Digital Smile Design (DSD) give me a natural-looking result?

The whole emphasis behind DSD is that you receive a new smile that is natural and aesthetic and that you are happy with. Importantly, DSD technology allows you to trial your new smile and confirm acceptance prior to any permanent tooth preparation.

What dental treatments are performed using Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

A range of cosmetic dental treatments are carried out with the assistance of DSD technology to streamline the smile makeover process – from veneers, crowns and bridges to a variety of dental implants.

Why do people choose to have Digital Smile Design?

There are so many benefits to the Digital Smile Design concept. Most people don’t want a smile, they want their smile – and Digital Smile Design gives them their own, tailor-made smile. Even better, they get to work with their dentist to create it!

How long does it take?

Smile transformations can take any where from three weeks to several months depending on each individual situation. If the teeth, gums are healthy with a good bite then the time is about two to four weeks.

Who is a candidate for a Smile Design?

  • An individual that wants to look younger and more attractive. A smile design can take years off of your appearance.
  • An individual that wants to have more confidence when they smile.
  • An individual that cares about how they look and wants to make an investment into their dental health
  • An individual that wants to improve their chance for career advancement or success.
  • An individual that takes care of their teeth with regular dental checkups and good dental hygiene.

Is the process painful?

Digital Smile Design is not known to be a painful experience. The process has been described as feeling more like a photoshoot rather than a dental appointment.

What if I don’t like the way my teeth look in the mock-up?

This is where Digital Smile Design shows its true value: if you are unhappy with the mockup, we can adjust it until you are happy!

Is Digital Smile Design expensive?

Because your treatment plan will be as personalized as your smile, the cost of Digital Smile Design can vary. We can give you a detailed breakdown of costs before you start treatment, so that you can plan your budget.

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